Week 3: Learning & Teaching Online 

Presented by:Dr. Nellie Deutsch

Saturday, June 15 2013| 10:00 AM (EST)

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About the Class

You are invited to join the the first Moodle MOOC of its kind hosted by WizIQ and organized by Dr. Nellie Deutsch.

This class will focus on Learning & Teaching Online.

Guest Speaker
Stephen Downes is our guest speaker. Stephen will speak about connectivism, online learning, and the MOOC.

Stephen Downes works for the National Research Council of Canada where he has served as a Senior Researcher, based in Moncton, New Brunswick, since 2001. Affiliated with the Learning and Collaborative Technologies Group, Institute for Information Technology, Downes specializes in the fields of online learning, new media, pedagogy and philosophy.

Downes is perhaps best known for his daily nesletter, OLDaily, which is distributed by web, email and RSS to thousands of subscribers around the world. He has published numerous articles both online and in print, including The Future of Online Learning (1998), Learning Objects (2000), Resource Profiles (2003), and E-Learning 2.0 (2005). He is a popular speaker, appearing at hundreds of events around the world over the last fifteen years ( see his website).

Connectivism, Online Learning, and the MOOC
Although MOOCs and Connectivism appear to be the result of recent innovation, neither has emerged from a vacuum. The three elements in the title of this talk, Connectivism, Online Learning, and the MOOC, relate to three core elements in a learning society: knowledge, learning and community. This talk will draw out aspects of each of these three elements and relate them specifically to the development and design of MOOCs today, and in particular to network-based MOOCs (or cMOOCs).

Pioneers of the MOOC
Making Sense of MOOCs: Musings in a Maze of Myth, Paradox and Possibility by Sir John Daniel, a fellow at the Korea National Open University and Education Master at DeTao Masters Academy, China provides an excellent exploration of the MOOC. According to Sir John Daniel, "Cormier and Bryan Alexander coined the acronym to describe an open online course at the University of Manitoba designed by George Siemens and Stephen Downes" (See article).

Teaching with Moodle is a self-paced 4-week Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) for teachers and anyone interested in teaching online using Moodle, WizIQ, and other web technologies. The course will take place in the month of June 2013. The MOOC is in the spirt of open education and is completely free.

Participants will become acquainted with Moodle as a course and learning management system. They will learn how Moodle can be used in fully online, blended learning, and the flipped class. The course will include both asynchronous (not dependent on time) and synchronous (time dependent) elements. The course is self-paced with ongoing discussions (facilitator and technical support available), live online classes (recordings), videos, and other relevant content.

Unlike the traditional MOOCs that stress content and course delivery, Moodle MOOC will focus on active learning, reflection, sharing, and collaboration. The aim of the course is for the participants to learn through meaningful connections and social interactions. The MOOC and the live online classes will be moderated by Dr. Nellie Deutsch and facilitated by Dr. Nancy Zingrone, Dr. Ramesh Sharma, and Judith Behrens (doctoral student).

Participants will be able to ask questions in advance and throughout the course through the following google drive document. The live online classes will be recorded for future reference, so don't worry if you cannot attend or if you'd like to review the content.

Live Online Classes on WizIQ

There will be 5 live online classes. The live online synchronous classes will take place on WizIQ on Saturdays at 10 AM (EST). Please check your time zone (June 1) for the exact time. Recordings will be available.
Participants will engage with the facilitator, each other, and the content. For further information, please contact Dr. Nellie Deutsch.

Language of instruction: English

Keywords: moodle, wiziq on moodle, mooc

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Great session by Stephen Downes

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Stephen was great. Simply.

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I definitely will need to review the visual representation...some much was similar, yet much was new combinations of learning.

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Oh my God...this was so much fun....very highly informative from Dr Nellie....classical elevated knowledge from Mr Downes....and soooooooo much fun from Mr Jason.....I love that......so happy. Thank you Dr Nellie so much. Love, Amani Wahb

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this was a fascinating presentation that is really making me think (reflect?) about how many of my teachers, including myself, must rethink the learning process. Thank you soooo much!

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Enthusiastic and enlightening session! I really enjoyed it. Thanks WizIQ staff, Dr. Nellie, Jason & Stephen for sharing this great experience!! :))

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The Live session with S. dowens was valuable Thank you.


Darin Gray

This is an interesting article on MOOC from the Dean of Education at USC


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Amani Wahb

Dear Dr Nellie,
I have attended all classes so far, and have lots of work to do! I will try my best to catch with all that I am still behind in. Learning

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Hope to have a good connection with WIQ.[:-bd]

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Great to be part of the team:-)

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