CO13: MultiMOOC 

Presented by:Professor Jozef Colpaert

Sunday, February 03 2013| 7:00 AM (EST)

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About the Class

MOOC is a model for knowledge-development that has been getting a lot of attention lately. By the time of this presentation, this year’s EVO (Electronic Village Online) sessions will be in their 4th week. One of these sessions, MultiMOOC (Multiliteracies MOOC), is exploring the concept of MOOCs through emulation of a cMOOC, a connectivist one. The session explores the MOOC movement since 2008, assesses its significance in supporting education, and plots its course as MOOCs diverge in purpose while gaining in popularity this far into 2013.

It has been said that a cMOOC has a syllabus that participants are expected to break. A cMOOC sets the stage for learning, but the plot unfolds as the participants appear and carry out that learning through their own initiative stimulated through networking with one another (in fact, one of the most useful take-aways of participation in a MOOC is expansion of one’s PLN). In this presentation, participants in the MultiMOOC session and their moderators will gather at a time normally set aside on Sundays for another elearning initiative, Learning2gether. We will discuss our experiences in the EVO sessions so far in conjunction with the Learning2gether movement, as well as our connection with other online learning networks such as Connecting Online and Webheads, which the lead presenter helped to found. We will try to draw some conclusions from our perspectives on how the MOOC model is working for developing knowledge within our network in the context of elearning via the EVO sessions.

Language of instruction: English

Keywords: co13, mooc, multimooc


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