WizIQ’s Education Apps for Mobile Teaching & Learning

Now Attend and Conduct Live Classes on
iPad or Android tablet. Anytime. Anywhere.

Live classes & class recordings

Attend and conduct live online classes from virtually anywhere, with just one tap. You can also watch recordings of past classes.

Live audio and video

Teach and learn in a stimulating virtual classroom environment with live audio and video.

View and share content

View and share videos, presentations, reports, documents, PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, and multimedia files.

Multiple whiteboard tabs

Add or remove multiple whiteboards & toggle between them in the Virtual Classroom. The user-friendly interface lets you teach & learn easily.

Raise hand

Have a question or comment? Use the Raise hand feature in the Virtual Classroom to let the teacher know. Teacher can acknowledge a raised hand.

Connect via text chat

Connect with peers or teacher instantly through text chat.

Extend session time

Teachers can extend the session or class before it ends.