mLearning with WizIQ Mobile Classroom Apps

Everything you need to conduct and attend live online classes – anytime, anywhere – with the world’s 1st and best mobile learning app.

Best Online Education Platform

  • 4 million Learners
  • 400,000 Educators
  • 1,000,000,000+ minutes of Virtual Classroom Learning in 2014

Education App Benefits & Features

Attend live classes on-the-go

Access your live online classes from your Internet-enabled iOS mobile device – no matter when or where. Experience the world’s best virtual classroom - now! on your phone.

Access courseware anytime

Get course content including PowerPoint slides, documents, presentations, videos, and more – right on your mobile device. Access learning materials instantly, whenever you need them.

Keep track of upcoming events

Receive notifications of upcoming live classes, assignments, and tests on your mobile device. Never miss a lesson or due date, and help ensure your success.

Engage with fellow students

Interact with fellow students and teacher during online discussions and emails from within WizIQ’s mobile app, and get the guidance and answers you need to improve your performance.

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Unlocking Mobile Learning’s True Potential

Unlocking Mobile Learning's True Potential
  • What are the benefits of mobile learning?

    7-out-of-10 businesses are now adopting mobile-learning solutions. Find the top drivers that are accelerating this shift to mobile.

  • How to overcome barriers to entry.

    mLearning applications can have limited ability to provide rich, interactive learning experiences. Read about mobile-first strategy and its positive impact on learning outcomes.

  • What to look for in a mobile learning solution.

    mLearning should be much more engaging than simply placing static courses or archived video tutorials online. Read what to look for when implementing mLearning solution.

  • How to implement a cost-effective mLearning solution.

    These five user scenarios will illustrate how educators and corporate trainers can deliver a more effective and engaging learning experience.

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Frequently asked questions

1. What versions of iOS and Android are supported?

We support iOS versions 4.3 and above. We are in the process of supporting this app on the Android platform and this should be available in a few days.

2. Can students buy my course from the phone?

Please get in touch with the support team to list your course on the mobile app.

3. If my course is already created, how, step-by-step, would my students access it? Do I need to do anything special to have my courses available on mobile?

For students who are already registered for the courses, 1. Install the app from the app store for mobiles. 2. Sign in to the app using existing login credentials of WizIQ. 3. Students will find all registered Courses under the Courses tab. 4. After selecting your course from this list, students can access course content, course related messages and the course schedule.

4. Will recordings be downloadable on the phone?

Download of recordings is not being supported.

5. Is there a limit on number of mobile devices students may use?

There is no limit on the number of mobile devices which may be used by students.

6. Will my activity sync across devices?

Yes. All your activities sync across devices.

7. How much does it cost again ?

The app is completely free. :)