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Run a complete online learning program and teach students online with WizIQ's powerful and easy-to-use E-Learning software. Over 250,000 teachers and 3.5 million students, from across the globe, use WizIQ's eLearning solutions.

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Set up your personalized e-learning platform with the right e-learning tools

Tutoring organizations

WizIQ's e-Learning software helps you to set up your online tutoring business. You don't need IT professionals or programing teams to set it up. Multiple teachers can log in, schedule, and deliver online classes in real time to unlimited number of students across the world, on your personalized e-learning space supported by WizIQ.

K12, Colleges, and Universities

Universities and colleges tap WizIQ technology to schedule after-office hours, arrange flipped classrooms and use a range of innovations in the domain of education & training. We have recently announced a free virtual classroom membership offer for educators of K12, colleges, and universities. Learn more about the benefits of this offer.


WizIQ's e-learning solutions can help organizations save time, travel and infrastructure costs. With our e-Learning platform you can train your employees or customers, online.

If you are an online corporate training consultant, WizIQ’s e-learning software comes with a complete solution, which is affordable and suitable for trainers at all levels.

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Give live, online classes with the best e-Learning software

Easy-to-use for any number of attendees without the hassle of downloading software. WizIQ uses Flash technology with a browser-like tabbed interface and standard keyboard shortcuts. If you can view a web page, you can present or attend a live class.
Live audio and video chat produce the best results for both students and teachers. WizIQ allows live video streams for up to 4 people (via VoIP), seamless audio chat for multiple people simultaneously, full screen video, and the ability for the teacher to control audio/video for all attendees.
Share most commonly used file types PDF, Word/PowerPoint/Excel documents, video and audio files; also share whiteboards, desktop and more from inside the Virtual Classroom. You can upload content before the class or on-the-fly during the class. Files simply live in the cloud.
Record everything while transforming learning! Records the class as it happens, including presenters’ audio and video inputs, as well as multiple virtual classroom whiteboards. The recordings can be viewed online or downloaded and distributed to the students. Teachers get a weekly report about who viewed or downloaded the recordings.

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Works with Moodle, right out of the box

Plug-in available for Moodle

WizIQ provides virtual classroom integration from versions 1.9 to 2.5, allowing the utilization of online classroom sessions through the use of Moodle's environment and Moodle's single sign in feature. WizIQ's Moodle integration module allows online classroom sessions to be started directly from within Moodle. You can show presentations, applications, desktops to attendees over the Internet;
also chat, show your webcam and talk with them in the virtual classroom for Moodle. WizIQ plug-in for Moodle is available for a 30-day free trial.


Easily integrate with your Learning Management System (LMS) or your own website with WizIQ APIs

WizIQ’s e-learning platform makes your distance learning program effective and engaging. Integrate WizIQ Virtual classroom API solution within your favorite LMS or your website to create new capabilities for synchronous teaching & learning. for synchronous teaching & learning.

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