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Comprehensive CAT-MBA 2014 Online Coaching Course- Ravi Handa

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Course Highlights

  • More than 350 videos + 60 Live classes covering Quant and LR-DI
  • Builds foundation for all MBA exams like CAT, CMAT, SNAP, XAT, IIFT
  • Includes free eBooks on previous papers, practice questions and tips
  • From the course instructor of Best Selling CAT 2013 Online Course
  • Unlimited access to all class recordings

About the Course

Language of Instruction: English

Course Description

Don't Know how to get into the IIMs?

Enroll Now to Crack CAT. Prepare from the Bestselling Online CAT Tutor.


Key Takeaways
  • Strengthen your fundamentals in Quant/ LR/ DI/VR
  • Learn how to build speed while maintaining accuracy
  • Get quick tips and Vedic Maths shortcut techniques
  • Get free ebooks (downloadable) on practice questions, previous years’ papers, and tips and formulas


Course Content:

Video Lessons in this CAT-MBA 2014 Online Coaching Course :
  • 80+ Videos on Quantitative Aptitude
  • 50+ Videos on Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation
  • 15+ Videos on Quick Tips & Vedic Maths Shortcut Technique
  • 170+ Videos on CAT Previous Year (2003-08) Solved Quant Papers
  • 50+ Videos on CAT Previous Year (2004-08) Solved LR/DI Papers


Doubt Clearing Weekend Live Classes:
  • 60+ Live classes covering the full syllabus for Quant, LR & DI
  • You can ask your doubts and get all your queries resolved in these live classes.
  • View the class recordings as many times as you want even if you miss a class.


Documents available in this CAT-MBA 2014 Online Coaching Course:
  • EBook containing past year CAT exam papers
  • EBook- Quantitative Aptitude complete list of tips and formulas
  • EBook- Articles by Ravi Handa written for,,
  • PDFs containing practice questions, which are explained in videos.


Download List of Videos and Live Classes in this course :


Free Download E-Books helpful for CAT-MBA entrance exam :


About the classes
There will be two live classes every weekend - on Saturday Evening and on Sunday Morning. These classes will typically cover doubts / concepts of one particular topic every week but they will not be limited to that particular topic. Note that these live classes will continue until the exam for CAT 2014 starts and will consist of some workshops for extra prep towards the end of the course.

Course Validity : This CAT-MBA 2014 Online Coaching Course is valid till March 31, 2015.

Who is it for?
Students preparing for CAT and other MBA entrance exams like XAT, SNAP, IIFT, NMAT, TISS, and CMAT and looking to build a solid foundation of concepts that are tested in the examination.

Why take Comprehensive CAT Course?
CAT examination is the gateway to premier BSchools in the country and by achieving high scores, students can book a seat for themselves in one or more of these reputed schools and start the journey to bright and rewarding career.

About the Instructor

Ravi Handa
Pune, India

Ravi Handa is a renowned name in CAT coaching. In last 6 years, he has successfully coached hundreds of students in quantitative aptitude for their MBA entrance exam preparation. In 2013, his course was selected as the best online course for CAT preparation. He is also a contributor at many leading websites in the domain of test-prep including,,,, and He holds B. Tech and M. Tech degrees in Computer Science from the premierengineering college- IIT Kharagpur. He lives in Pune, India.

Ravi Handa sir is a good explainer and a good motivator too.

Payal Singh

Friends, you can obtain the latest news of MBA from here:

26 days 20 hours 32 minutes ago


Dear Sir,

I have 2 questions,

1. Does this course become a single stop for my CAT Preparation?

2. As I could not find your course for 2015, can I join this course NOW, Can u allow me to your 2015 course?

32 days 6 hours 56 minutes ago


Good evening Sir, Do the course even include Verbal reasoning as-well ? Because it is mentioned in "Key Takeaways" but not in "Course Content".
Thank you Sir, :)

48 days 14 hours 49 minutes ago


I haven't started my preparation yet. If I start now, can I still crack the B school exams?

62 days 19 hours 33 minutes ago


I haven't started my preparation yet. If I start now, can I still crack he B school exams?

62 days 19 hours 33 minutes ago


Sir i have certain doubts about hw to manage my work n studies.

65 days 21 hours 49 minutes ago


sir i wud lik to join for cat 2014 program currently i'm in my final yr btech is ti too late to join

79 days 14 hours 39 minutes ago

Hanisha Dua


84 days 12 hours 46 minutes ago

Niyati Vaidya

Hi Sir,
I have just given my CA final this may and m hoping to clear it.
I have 2 year experience as an article in a good company.
10%- 88%
12%- 84.33%
TYbcom- 80%

M also pursuing Masters in Commerce and m in my second year. Should i start preparing for CAT. Majority of classes have already begun in Mumbai and i couldnt enSee more

97 days 16 hours 11 minutes ago

Payal Singh

Hello Ravi Sir,

I like this video the most which has been shared in this article. Overall this article is most useful for me and my friends as well. I would love to share it with my friends.


100 days 6 hours 3 minutes ago

Arpit Tiwari

sir i have just completed by first year of engineering, should i join time <jabalpur>centre as i am aiming for cat 2016 ? AND is joining TIME a bit early in 3rd semester since after some time things will become monotonous and i might just bored , shouldn't i prepare for cat through books and other resources and join TIME in 3rd year... please tell See more

102 days 15 hours 58 minutes ago

Chhabra Seo

Hurry up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Take the ultimate CAT 2014 Challenge by competing with some of the best brains in the country.
Register now to grab the opportunity and get up to 100% scholarship.
No fees to be paid for the test, hurry up limited seats left!!

110 days 15 hours 12 minutes ago

Gagan Naran

Hello sir,

10th: 82% CBSE
11-12th: 93.5% State syllabus (AP)
Engineering: 70.9%
Work experience: 2 years (Jr. Manager on a cloud platform- Online)

Is there a chance for me to get into IIM's if I have a good percentile in CAT? If yes; Can you tell me what percentile in CAT can get me a seat into top IIM's?

111 days 9 hours 32 minutes ago

Sakshi Gupta

Good evening sir. I wanted to ask if our graduation marks are also needed alongwith the cat sccore?..And is it feasible if I start the coaching now for the cat 2014, as many live classes are already over. Also, alongwith the video classes are there any mock tests available for our practise?

112 days 13 hours 20 minutes ago

Piyush Agarwal

will i get any study material like practice questions and all...for LR,DI,VERBAL AND QUANT..and will i get any mock exams in this course....

113 days 12 hours 21 minutes ago

Pranav AnandJoshi

any course that contains all the portion verbal ability as well as quantitative ?

115 days 18 hours 6 minutes ago


Aiming for the CAT 2015, missed a lot classed this team, wen will the new training schedule commence or can the current schedule compensate for the missed classed if I join

118 days 19 hours 41 minutes ago


Class 10:90%
class 12:83%

any chance to get into an iim?
am confused.....

124 days 12 hours 16 minutes ago


I am currently working in a bank and according to certificates I am 26years old.I want to go for CAT and sincerely aspires to IIM(A). I am really worried about my age as sometimes i get a doubt on the ability of a person of my age to cope with the competition.. Should I opt for it..I wanna try cat in then I will be 28..I am seriously seriously in loSee more

133 days 12 hours 27 minutes ago

Himanshu Negi

Hi sir, i have a work ex of 2 years till dec 2013...sir i m planning to preparefor cat 2014....will this one year gap will pose any problem during my campus placements in b companies which come for hiring have any specific criteria regarding the gaps...???

136 days 17 hours ago

Saket Maheswari

if i join today will it be good for CAT 2014?

138 days 4 hours 47 minutes ago

Manaprakash Sahoo

What is online course fee ???

140 days 6 hours 5 minutes ago


Sir, actually i have doubt regarding the course , i think it does not include the verbal ability portion..

142 days 11 hours 23 minutes ago

Farhan Munshi

sir. i am a management graduate. i want to start preparation for cat. give me some tips on in which manner should i start my prepartion ?

149 days 13 hours 29 minutes ago

Sudheer Kumar Galla

good evening sir... may i know how the cat score will be useful to other admission?

150 days 9 hours 51 minutes ago

Khushagra Joshi

Are the 60+live classes recorded so that if a student has missed he can take them back

154 days 22 hours 45 minutes ago


will i able to download all videos or just watch online once?

179 days 7 hours 46 minutes ago

Shilpa Manda

what is the validity of the course? 1 year or 2 years?

180 days 12 hours 20 minutes ago

Mohammed Suhaib

Hello sir I have already enrolled for quant course can I get discount on this complete course

185 days 6 hours 58 minutes ago


hi, good eveng.
sir, i hav done B.E in EnC. n want to b an MBA graduate. Can u pls suggest me which would be the best stream to opt.

188 days 11 hours 43 minutes ago


sir, have the live classes started? is it too late to enrol?

189 days 19 hours 8 minutes ago

Gaurang Srivastav

sir, mai 2nd year ka student hu to kya mujhe cat, ka exam de skta hu ki nhi.......?

191 days 16 hours 28 minutes ago


Can we view the recordings more than once sir, in case we feel we need to brush up some concepts?

196 days 17 hours 54 minutes ago

Manjira Chakrabarti

Hello Sir I want to join your course from the schedule I can see that I have already missed a few classes..Will they be repeated Sir? Also after doing a class can I get recording of the same?

212 days 17 hours 5 minutes ago


hi sir,do this course prepares for the gk questions of exams like SNAP, XAT, IRMA?

214 days 4 hours 27 minutes ago


Sir, how much rupees per month to get your online class??

216 days 10 hours 38 minutes ago


hello sir, Does your course covers VA section??

223 days 13 hours 5 minutes ago


Hi.. how many persons have cleared through ur materials?

229 days 8 hours 58 minutes ago

Arsalan M

It's mentioned that "CAT-MBA 2014 Online Coaching Course is valid till March 31, 2015", will there not be any further prep after this?

238 days 8 hours 16 minutes ago

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