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About the Course

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Course Description

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What does ‘SAP Webdynpro ABAP’ do?
SAP Webdynpro ABAP is a “hot cake” in the market with its high demand for creating powerful web based Application and that too with minimum coding.

Well, just glance over the following list of features:
  • The ability to maximize design and minimize coding.
  • SAP Webdynpro ABAP(WDA) provides for drag and drop options for creating UI.
  • SAP WDA is platform independent and gives a clear separation between the layout and the business logic.
  • Supports multiple Backend Systems and supports web services call from the SAP WDA workbench (highly advantageous).
  • WDA can also integrate with SAP Interactive Adobe Forms, which are interactive PDF forms.
  • You also achieve high reusability and maintainability by using components.

Overall, WDA follows object oriented programming approach which thereby increases the efficiency and throughput. As a programmer, this is a skill you need for sure, and as someone who wants to be a programmer, this is one you need to add to your resume.

Where does this course come into the picture?
This course is the complete package, exploring concepts in-depth for you and providing a chance for dedicated learning. Each class, accompanied with comprehensive class notes, would enable you to tackle any type of complex real time scenarios and will help you succeed in your career. Coupled with doubt clearing sessions, this course offers a holistic experience for learning ‘SAP Webdynpro ABAP’ in the most time and cost effective manner.

Course Features:
  • In-depth exploration of concepts in the live classes
  • Doubt sessions to clarify any niggling concerns
  • The course helps your prepare for the SAP certification course
  • Learn ‘SAP Webdynpro ABAP’ in the most cost and time effective manner, and derive the benefits of online preparation.

Course Package
  • 20 LIVE online interactive classes
  • Access to the class recordings after the class is over (even if you miss the class)
  • Doubt-clearing sessions
  • 1 online test

Course Outline:
Chapter 1: Introduction to Webdynpro
  • Unit Overview
  • Introduction to Webdynpro entities
  • Navigation between Views
  • Windows and Nested Views
  • Webdynpro Architecture
  • Exercise 1 – Create a simple Webdynpro ApplicationCreate a Webdynpro Component
  • Create Views and Windows
  • Enable navigation between views
  • Unit summary

Chapter 2: Controllers
  • Unit Overview
  • What are controllers?
  • Types of Controllers
  • Component ControllerCustom Controllers
  • Configuration Controllers
  • View Controller
  • Window Controllers
  • Lifetime of Controllers
  • Controller Entities
  • Constituents of all controllers
  • Special entities of different controllers
  • Exercise 2 – Debugging and finding out hook methods execution order
  • Unit summary

Chapter 3: Context
  • Unit Overview
  • Contexts – What and Why?
  • Basic units of Context
  • Operations on Context
  • Creating a new context node and an attribute
  • Creating a new context element
  • Modifying context nodes and elements
  • Modifying the context mapping
  • Properties of Context
  • Cardinality
  • Lead Selection
  • Singleton
  • Supply Function
  • Context Mapping
  • Component Controller
  • Custom Controllers
  • Configuration ControllersViewController
  • Window Controllers
  • Exercise 3 – Create a Webdynpro application and use context mapping and data binding concepts
  • Unit summary

Chapter 4: User Interface in Webdynpro
  • Unit Overview
  • Defining a View Layout
  • How to create UI elements?
  • Defining a View Layout
  • How to use View Editor
  • Common Properties of UI elements
  • Container UI elements
  • Layout Managers
  • Flow Layout
  • Row Layout
  • Matrix Layout
  • Grid Layout
  • Data Binding
  • Defining Data Binding
  • UI elements behavior
  • Display texts in UI elements
  • Composite UI elements
  • Table UI element
  • Tree UI element
  • Exercise 4 – Use layout manager to define the view
  • Exercise 5 – Use composite UI elements
  • Unit summary

Chapter 5: Programming with Controllers and Context
  • Unit Overview
  • Methods in different controllers – Detailed Look
  • Controller AttributesAccess Context Nodes and Elements at runtime
  • Reading Context Node
  • Reading a Child NodeReading and Setting Attribute values
  • Adding new Elements to Context Node
  • Creating a new Node Element
  • Binding Structure and Table to Context Node
  • Exercise 6 – Create an application to read and set the values of Context Node Attributes
  • Exercise 7 – Create an application to bind the context with structure and table
  • Unit summary

Chapter 6: Internationalizing Webdynpro Application
  • Unit Overview
  • Why we need to internationalize our applications?
  • Using Texts from ABAP Dictionary
  • Creating and Using OTR texts
  • Using Texts from ABAP Class
  • What is an Assistance Class and its Use?
  • Exercise 8 – Make your application Internationalized
  • Unit summary

Chapter 7: Handling Messages in UI
  • Unit Overview
  • Positioning of Messages
  • Handling of Messages property
  • Categories of Messages and Methods available
  • Text
  • Exception
  • T100
  • Reporting Messages
  • Text
  • Exception
  • T100
  • Exercise 9 – Create an application and provide validation to UI elements
  • Unit summary

Chapter 8: Usability Concepts
  • Unit Overview
  • How to achieve Usability of Webdynpro Application?
  • Value Help
  • Types of input help
  • Value Selectors
  • Semantic Help
  • Field Dependent Help Texts
  • Field Independent Help Texts
  • Keyboard Access

Chapter 9: FPM (Floor Plan Manager)
  • Object Instance Floorplan (OIF)
  • Guided Activity Floorplan (GAF)
  • Overview Page Floorplan (OVP)
  • The FPM toolbar
  • Generic UI Building Blocks (GUIBBs): Architecture, Feeder Classes, The FORM GUIBB, The LIST GUIBB, The TREE GUIBB, The SEARCH GUIBB, The TABBED COMPONENT GUIBB

Chapter 10: OOABAP
  • Classes
  • Instances
  • References
  • Inheritance
  • InterfacesPolymorphismEvents
  • Global classes/interfaces (Class Builder)
  • Class-based exception concept

About the Instructor

SAP Trainer
Hyderabad, India

SAP Trainer hold nearly 4+ years of teaching experience and have trained 2000+ students. Students taught them were able to get there place in good companies. Their teaching style is highly interactive with total doubt clearing session with hands on to get the real picture of the subject. In short, you are in the best hands for the highest quality training at really economical prices.

Yes, Tanvi is very clear on her explanation of the class material.

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