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Quantative Aptitude for GRE - Complete Prep Video Tutorials

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  • 88 Recorded Videos to master Quantitative Aptitude in GRE
  • Learn on your own pace, when you want
  • Revise what you want, any number of times you want
  • Course instructor himself scored 99 percentile in both GMAT and GRE

About the Course

Language of Instruction: English

Course Description

In 28 questions and 45 minutes, GRE Quantitative section measures your analytical skills applied to numerical problems!


If you already score high in Math, chances are you won’t need this course. However, if you are a hard gainer, you’ll need to put in extra effort to score well in GRE Quant. So how do you maximize the effectiveness of your test preparation?


Read these 5 tips.


  • Tip 1 : Its not about number crunching but analytical skills. Most students use only 2 of the 6 pages they provide you with.
  • Tip 2 : You will not need to calculate a lot. Instead, you need to draw scenarios, diagrams and conclusions to test your understanding of the basics.
  • Tip 3 : Give yourself time but don’t overdo the preparation. Ideal test preparation time is 4 hours a day for 3-4 months.
  • Tip 4 : The conventional wisdom that the more you study, better you score, is wrong. While you need solid practice, overdoing gives you negative returns. When you start attempting 95+% questions correct consistently, you are there.
  • Tip 5 : The bestselling books and bestselling for a reason. Get them. Prepare with Barrons, Kaplan and Princeton Review website.


In addition, learn to guess intelligently, pick up short cuts and keep your mind uncluttered. This course is designed as a supplement for test preparation books. With 88 video tutorials covering a wide range of questions, homework and answer solutions, you can learn on your own pace : when you want and review as many times as you want. You can use this course when you want to learn, regardless of whether you are a morning or an an evening person.


This course benefits people out of touch with high school mathematics and those who are simply not the math-type.


The course has been prepared by Nick Slavkovich, an experienced GRE teacher based in New York. He has been tutoring students on GRE since last 6 years with great success. Nick’s thorough and has a fantastic style of teaching has made him a favourite among the students.


What’s included in the course:


  • 88 Video Lectures


Course outline:


  • Fractions : 11 videos
  • Factoring : 12 videos
  • Algebra : 14 videos
  • Roots : 10 videos
  • Geometry : 5 videos
  • Geometry : 4 videos
  • Ratios : 13 videos
  • Statistics : 8 videos
  • Groups : 4 videos
  • Word prob : 7 videos




'I'd been out of college for 18 years and needed a quick, intensive prep class to improve my math score on the GRE. After 15 hours of tutoring, my math score increased by 150 points. Nick's use of technology combined with his teaching style provided the perfect environment for me to learn and retain the material. I know I got a great value for my investment. Nothing but burnished blandishments (he's also got good GRE verbal materials) for Nick and his tutoring abilities for the GRE.'

- Alex (improved 150 points from his first diagnostic)


The GRE went very well! I did better than I ever expected possible: 730 verbal and 650 math! Thank you so much for your help in my final weeks. Your lessons were invaluable and really helped me get to a new level of understanding with the material. I will recommend you very highly to anyone who is looking for a teacher. '

-Sam (improved 110 points from her first diagnostic)


'I forgot to write you back sooner but I am pleased to announce that my score increased by 300 points! I got a 510 on verbal and a 670 on quantitative! I pretended I was talking through the questions with you and it really really helped! Thanks again for your help and I have given your email address to a couple friends of mine who are taking the GRE. Thanks again for your help.'

- Lauren L. (score increased by 300 points from her previous test)



About the Instructor

Nick Slavkovich
New York, United States

After graduating from Columbia University with a double major in English Literature and Economics, I decided to go teach English in Barcelona, mainly because my twin brother Milan suggested it and I had no other plans. Best decision ever. One year of teaching English to kids and adults of all ages was enough and I returned to New York, where I discovered an aptitude for standardized tests, after scoring a 750 on the GMAT and a 1580 on the GRE. As a result, I found myself teaching for a major test preparation company. However, I soon realized that I taught much more effectively using my own curriculum and questions and so left the company, to start Total test prep with Milan in 2008. That was a pretty good decision too.

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