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Project Management Professional (PMP®) PMBoK 5 Certification Training

Get trained by a PMP Certified instructor | Includes the Mandatory 35 Contact Hours Certificate

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Course Highlights

  • 36 hours of live interactive classes by PMP certified instructor
  • Includes the mandatory 35 contact hours certificate by PMI REP
  • 5 mock tests to prepare you for the PMP exam
  • Follows the new PMBoK 5 syllabus, effective from July 2013
  • All live classes are recorded- review as many number of times

About the Course

Language of Instruction: English

Course Description

PMP Certification Online Training course prepares you for the PMP certification exam and gives you the required 35 contact hours certificate which is a prerequisite to fill the PMI-PMP application form. This course intends to be highly interactive and involves learning through a variety of real life project management issues and solutions.

Upcoming Batches

27 batches successfully completed and 1 batch ongoing


BatchStart DateTimingsDays
XXIX 31st Oct/Nov 01st'1409:30 PM-01:30 AM (31st October)01:30 AM-05:30 AM (31st October)07:00 AM- 11:00 AM (01st November) Fri-Sat / Sat-Sun

Course Outcomes

  • Understand process and knowledge areas explained in PMBoK Guide-5th Edition
  • Learn project management terminologies as described by Project Management Institute (USA)
  • Understand project management concepts/framework
  • Learn the application of theory in real life situations

How will this course be conducted?

  • 36 hours of live interactive classes on Virtual Classroom Platform
  • Includes mock tests, e-copies of study material, detailed discussion on the PMP exam and quizzes
  • Review and revise with recordings of all the classes any number of times. You can download and keep the recordings forever
Note: You can get the copy of PMBoK 5th Edition by becoming a member of Project Management Institute (PMI), USA

Why should you go for Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification?

  • PMP certification is the most important industry-recognized certification for project managers
  • Demonstrates your experience and proficiency to lead and direct projects
  • Acknowledges competency in handling complex projects which will enable you to compete for senior positions
  • Helps to maximize your earning potential

Course Outline

Week-I (Class 1 & 2)

  • Introduction
  • Objectives of training program
  • Brief information about PMP exam
  • Quiz on Process Framework
  • Process Group
  • Initiating Process Group
  • Planning Process Group
  • Week-II (Class 3 & 4)

  • Recap of Week - 1
  • Planning Process Group (continued)
  • Week-III (Class 5 & 6)

  • Recap of Week-2
  • Planning Process Group (continued)
  • Executing Process Group
  • Week-IV (Class 7 & 8)

  • Recap of Week - 3
  • Monitoring & Controlling Process Group
  • Closing Process Group
  • Code of Ethics
  • Week-V (Class 9)

  • Online test of 100 questions
  • Discussion on Questions & Answers with explanation
  • Summary & Feedback
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Ques 1. What is the minimum internet speed required to attend the PMP live classes?
    A: 512 Kbps of internet speed is recommended to attend the PMP live classes. However, students can attend the classes from a slower internet connection as well (performance can’t be guaranteed though).

    Ques 2. What should I do if I encounter any platform problems during the online course?
    A: We have 24x7 Support Team to assist you in case of any platform related issues. We also conduct live technical demo before starting the course to make you familiar with the WizIQ Virtual Platform and to check the functionality of audio, video devices.

    Ques 3. For how long can I access PMP class recordings?A: You have access to PMP online class recordings for lifetime. You can download/view the recordings any number of times.

    Ques 4. What are the payment options?
    A: You can pay through Debit Card, Credit Card, Netbanking or PayPal Account.

    About the Instructor

    Cognitel Training Services Pvt Ltd.
    Gurgaon, India

    This instructor-led online course is conducted by Cognitel, a Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.) with Project Management Institute (PMI). It prepares the participants to clear the PMP® examination successfully and also trains them to be an effective Project Manager.



    I have enrolled now @n10 AM so from when can I begaon today

    22 days 23 hours 33 minutes ago

    Yemi Yomi-Ajayi

    Hi there,
    I intend to take part in the September class and I would like to enquirer what the class is like, is it an online class with video or a Live Virtual Class (VLC) and also will I have a copy of the class in the recorded format?????

    47 days 9 hours 44 minutes ago

    Yemi Yomi-Ajayi

    Hi there,
    I intend to take part in the September class and I would like to enquirer what the class is like, is it an online class with video or a Live Virtual Class (VLC) and also will I have a copy of the class in the recorded format?????

    47 days 9 hours 45 minutes ago

    Daniel Mohanraj

    Do you have any Post Lunch sessions during Sat and Sunday ?

    60 days 22 hours 41 minutes ago

    Taimur Shah

    is there any questions answer session during the lecture??? & how can we verify that the certificate is acceptable to PMI??? sorry , but want to be sure about it....thanks

    67 days 13 hours 24 minutes ago


    Hi. Do you have a session starting in August or September 2014? What are the dates please?
    Thank you

    106 days 3 hours 40 minutes ago


    What is the duration of the 9 live interactive classes

    197 days 18 hours 19 minutes ago


    Do you help in Completing the form/Doyou have a format for filling up the form application for PMP Exam ?

    250 days 12 hours 52 minutes ago


    when I receive 35H , after how many days from joining

    275 days 17 hours 55 minutes ago

    Renae Veira

    I'd love to hear from current students on how their experience has been with the training.

    276 days 7 hours 46 minutes ago

    Renae Veira

    What's your success rate for students taking the PMP Exam?

    276 days 7 hours 47 minutes ago

    Bipul K. Dutta

    How can I join my course (started on Jan 4th) right now?

    287 days 13 hours 5 minutes ago

    Alaa eldin youssef

    how can I join my course right now

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