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WizIQ Content provides teachers, presenters, experts and trainers with a flexible platform for sharing your documents, media files and web assets with your students, contacts and the world. Now you don’t need to store your documents, spreadsheets, audio files, video files (new or already uploaded on other websites), at multiple places, in a format where users can not refer to them without having to download them on their computer first.

WizIQ allows you to upload from a variety of file types, file sizes and also link to existing web content items, enabling web viewing of your content. All content you upload or link to using WizIQ Content would also be available in your Virtual Classroom, ready to use [no uploading required]. Further, you also get options to make your content visible to everyone or only whom you select.

Why Choose WizIQ Content?

  • Store ALL your files in one place.
  • Comprehensive support for documents as well as media types.
  • No need to upload again : link to your existing web assets.
  • Keep your content/ links private and secure or,
  • Make them public and improve your findability on search engines.
  • Improve your content through teacher and student feedback.
  • Access your documents or media files from anywhere.
  • Learners don’t need to download anything to view your content/ links.
  • Use your content while teaching in Virtual Classroom.

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Using WizIQ Content

Is my content ready for using in Virtual Classroom/ Sharing with Contacts?
Any links that you post are ready to be shared instantly. For the content (documents, spreadsheets, audio or video files) that you upload, it can take up to 02 hours to process the files. You can check the status by going to “My Content” and looking for these signs next to your content.

What are the supported formats and file size limits for uploading content?
Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets, PDF Files, PowerPoint Presentations, Flash Files, Audio and Video Files. Size limit for Word, PowerPoint, Excel, pdf and flash (swf, flv) files up to 20 MB. It should also allow content extraction and discovery. You can upload video and audio files up to 50 MB.

Can I disallow download of my files?
Yes, you can either allow or disallow others to download your file. If you disallow your content to be downloaded, you can approve specific download requests, if you want. Please note that download option would not work for posted links.

Can I embed my content on other websites?
Yes, you can. Look for "embed" button at the top of your content and use this code to embed in any website or your blog. To post on a wordpress domain blog, you can use

Can I keep my content/ links private?
Yes, you can. Select private from "more settings" while uploading your content or posting your link and only people you invite would be able to see the same.

Can I bulk upload my files?
We are soon launching the multiple file upload functionality to allow you to upload multiple files simultaneously.