Virtual Makeover: 15+ Ideas to Get Students Actively Learning Online 

Sunday, June 15 2014 | 3:00 PM (Greenwich Standard Time)

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About the Class

Turn your virtual learning spaces into active student communities. Join Shelly Terrell as she shares 15+ ideas to get your students actively learning, creating, publishing, reflecting, writing, reading, curating, and researching with blogs, Edmodo, Facebook groups, Moodle, Google Communities, and other virtual learning environments (VLEs). These activities are based on sound pedagogy and promote digital literacy and citizenship.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Explore one of the Shelly's 15+ ideas by going to one of the sites and trying it out. Did you like it? Would you use it with your students? Why or why not?

(NOTE: For this class to count towards earning a course certificate, please answer the discussion question in the comments below and engage in dialog with your colleagues.)

Language of instruction: English


Sinta Dewi R Siregar

Great class! I've learned a lot. I'll try some for the tools. Thanks Shelly & Jason.

27 days 15 hours 15 minutes ago

Luis Costa

Hello. Really nice presentation! Many ideas to explore. I teach a Technical English class at my university. I use videos about technical topics, but asking students to use to create their own quizzes seems like a good idea to get them more engaged. I'll definitely try that next semester!

180 days 19 hours 33 minutes ago


Wonderful ideas. Worth of trying!

220 days 11 hours 44 minutes ago

Hilda Thomas

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Explore one of the Shelly's 15+ ideas by going to one of the sites and trying it out. Did you like it? Would you use it with your students? Why or why not?

I have tried and I think it will be very useful for teaching as one can take photos and then insert tags and a link. I would definitely use it once See more

476 days 7 hours 3 minutes ago

Jokha Al Hosni

I have tried as a bookmark for my favourite websites. I love it. it is really useful!

480 days 14 hours 18 minutes ago

roberta nobili

Well, I've just seen the recording of the session: it's fantastic and full of ideas and great tools to use! I'm already using Edmodo with three of my classrooms and we share posts, videos, songs, links to web sites dealing with cultural issues and students send me their homework tasks and then we check and mark them using the class IWB. I think See more

487 days 18 minutes ago

Teresa Almeida dEca

I explored and used blogs and wikis for several years with middle school students and teacher traiinees. IMHO, blogs adapt very well to younger ages. They can see each new post right at the top and easily leave a comment. You can take a look at this award-winning "blended learning" blog, of which my students and I are very proud. more

489 days 9 hours 32 minutes ago

Ezzat Sabry Salah Mohammed

Wonderful ideas Worth of trying.

504 days 8 hours 59 minutes ago

J Leila Wright

I like using some of these ideas and tech tools with my own children. They are great for when they are bored. Both of my children LOVE creating digital content and it doesn't necessarily feel like "learning" to them. I really love encouraging my 14 year old and 10 year old to use many of these same tools (14 yr. old loves the comics).
See more

505 days 11 hours 41 minutes ago

Adejare Amoo

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Explore one of the Shelly's 15+ ideas by going to one of the sites and trying it out. Did you like it? Would you use it with your students? Why or why not?

I tried which I admire much. Definitely, it will be part of the learning tools I will use WITH my students. I have used it to learn French in 1974 toSee more

506 days 20 hours 1 minutes ago

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