Edmodo and the Wired Classroom - Nicky Hockly 

Thursday, November 05 2009 | 8:00 AM (Venezuela Standard Time)

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Summary: This session looks at how the social networking tool Edmodo can be used to create a wired, paperless classroom in face-to-face teaching contexts. The session showcases how Edmodo was used in a recent face-to-face teacher training course to link participants in the classroom, and to distribute information, as well as to conduct short activities. Edmodo has several features that make it more effective than other social networking tools (such as Twitter) in teaching and teacher training, and this talk will also highlight these. GMT TIME: 12:30-14:30/VEN TIME: 8:00 AM/ ARG TIME: 9:30 AM E-moderators: Miguel Mendoza-Teadira Pérez-Evelyn Izquierdo

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Keywords: social networking


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